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Emerging technologies are facilitating manufacturers to integrate all business functions under one roof reducing cost of production while increasing efficiency. Highly responsive manufacturing of products aligning to customers’ feedback with well managed supply chains, having connections with each element of business is vital. Integration of automation, analytics and connectivity in manufacturing will result sustainable growth.

Optimization of digital technologies with inclusive business processes is what ASPIRE delivers to its clients. Understanding of processes by our domain experts entailed with in-depth, tenured techno skills avails consistent and customizable digital solutions.

  • Sales and distribution management.
  • Manufacturing and production planning with      budget control.
  • Quality management with rejection/ approval.
  • Multiple warehouse management.
  • CRM integrated.
  • Inventory Management with various kind of      materials.
  • Manufacturing and production planning with      budget control.
  • Financial accounting management.
  • Customized reporting.

With SAP solutions integrated Aspire also delivers comprehensive solutions with composite business processes implementing SAP methodology. With hands on SAP implementation and support experience our certified experts delivers highly customer centric approach.


Consumer connectivity, maintaining value chains, real time updating inventory are challenges of retail industry. To gain competitive edge in retail sector maintaining dynamic supply chains, perception of consumers’ behavior and their involvement in business process is essential. Consumers can hardly wait for billing at Point Of Sales, it compels adoptions of digital technologies that not only retains and engage customers but boosts business growth.

Process Industry

Full optimization of energy and available resources, aligning production according to volatile demand and supply, consistent communication with suppliers are some of hurdles for process industries in continuation with growth.

With our easy to use digital solutions one can overcome challenges having with process industries. From cane management to digitalized supply chains, from ERP consulting to process integration Aspire has answered every challenge of process industry digital way.


Maintaining lower costs while optimizing back office operations with continuous improvement in patient care is becoming challenge for hospitals. A comprehensive hospital ERP integrates patient relationship management, clinical, diet management, financial and supportive applications. The healthcare industry faces constant regulatory change, escalating pressure to control costs and an increasingly complex competitive landscape. To adapt in this dynamic environment, organizations must be able to quickly respond to changes in market conditions, customer requirements, and government and industry regulations.

With Aspire’s solutions retailers are leveraging persistent growth in consumer engagements. Easy to use interfaces and customer friendly approach leads to adopt dynamic structures of supply chains, best consumer engagements. Our new digital solutions make it possible to enhance commerce possibilities across various channels of business.

In a nutshell

  • To handle most complex product portfolio      integrated inventory classification.
  • User and role based security at modular as well      as functional levelbudget control.
  • Various payment mode configurations.
  • GST integration.
  • Logistics solutions and e-commerce solutions      integrations.
  • Customized reporting on stock, sales and profits.
  • CRM functionality.
  • Integration with touch POS, Barcode scanners,      etc.

Process industries like sugar factories, pharmaceutical companies, food processing industries already leveraged improved operations and strategic alignment gaining edge over competition.

In a nutshell

  • Sugar cane quality and product maturity with      monitoring plantation.
  • Harvest planning with supply optimization.
  • Cane receipts with respect to farmers billing and      payments.
  • Maintaining cane inventory as well as financials.
  • Lack of cane information system in real-time
  • Lack of real-time decision support system

As digitalization is at its peak, operational efficiency with cost reducing methodologies can minimize complexity maintaining agility in pace with massive changes. Our Healthcare ERP solutions enable improved visibility with user-friendly approach maintaining secured easy connectable landscape with varied locations.

In a nutshell

  • Customized role based dashboards enables      real-time information on key business areas.
  • Configurable workflows, reports according to your      needs.
  • Simplified compliance by internal control options      with regard to real-time information and audit      purpose.
  • Customer connectivity through various mobility      options supported by improved customer service.
  • Integrated financials, accounting      procedures,budgetary controls and forecasting.
  • Improved real-time inventory and other resource      planning.
  • Optimize patient safety while achieving needed      financial results.
  • Web based tools with self service scenarios.



With variety of courses offered and discrete locations education institutes and entities has facing tiresome and intricate tasks. To attract best student perceptions, build wonderful image careful planning and systematic approach towards all administrative areas is important. Throughout digital transformation with connectivity towards all business elements is possible now. To improvise facilities and maintain control over every area is necessary in competitive edge.

We welcome you with our efficient, comprehensive, systematic, user friendly Campus Management system. It enables a comprehensive platform for multiple functional departments with transparency in information flow.

  • Manage application distribution work.
  • Manage and use student information.
  • Manage student fees and payments including      billing.
  • Maintain grades and various reports.
  • Student attendance.
  • Manage real-time timetables.
  • Connectivity with students, parents and staff.
  • Plan and control various resources and assets.

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